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Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
for bipartisanship of the last four years? that was the one place where president obama would reach across the aisle, great. >> i think you answered your own question, right? why do you do anything anonymous? you don't want to be caught. you don't want someone to know what you are doing, right? there can be a variety of reasons for that but it takes away a remarkable amount of accountability because he don't know who is financing something that you are watching and feeling you have no sense of where it's coming from, why it's there, with her motives are, what's actually happening behind the curtain. >> a lot of the questions that come from that angle, if you will come at the same people who advocate the most for finance campaign reform. that's what i mean about the turn 11, it's going to put the money away from the candidates in some way, the are some of the groups after that live under different rules and they also have to abide by difficult in terms of how they communicate. >> just going back, i believe that the amount the candidates can raise some individuals, is it the same as a was in 1978? >>
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
for the last two years that's been mastered front and to think that's a byproduct of having divided government. it's not the rules committee faults. in part it's obama's all but i think it's in ways a byproduct of what it means to have divided government. that's something we have to continue to think about as we think about how to structure how the house works and what kind of tools we should build on the outside. for real quickly, getting time notifications your. i look at the different categories of congressional -- to the things work really hard on working with, one is taking advantage of the political pressures that exist. we can't create those. nonprofits love to create political pressure. so we take what we can get. and for house reform with the majority having changed hands twice in the last six years or so, that means that a lot has changed recently because that puts us in, the house anymore -- the thing i want to mention is broad norms around how things should function. to think the point out, one is work like this into transparency congress and the house been generally receptive to t
Oct 3, 2012 7:30am EDT
. arguably a more difficult year for republicans to get their base going. he is raise $40 million, or 18% of his take country and -- the reverse is happening. barack obama is actually, is raising less money this time than he did in 2008 as a sitting president for people to max out on their donation. in 2008 it was $2300 the max to give. this cycle is $2500. but so far through the end of august obama has raised $70 million, or just 16% of us all from that group. romney on the other hand is incredibly good at raising money from people who can part with $2500 after taxes. he's raise $102 million, or 46%, almost half, through the end of august was coming from people who have maxed out on the donation. as reflected in the super pac. many of the people are fundraiser, bundlers for romney give them next to him, bundle from their friends and colleagues, people they work with, other money, and then write a check for 100,000 or 200,000 or more to one of the super pacs on the outside. so the question is sort of what does this mean for politics? this increase from the outside dollar spending transfo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3